The purpose of this online training is to give a basic introduction to Equality, mainly focusing on the Equality Act 2010 and how the Public Sector Equality duty relates to education professionals.

Who is it for?

The training is a basic introduction and will be suitable whether you are new to the subject, or as a helpful refresher if you have had Equality training previously. The training is tailored to education professionals so you will also find specific information relevant to you.

The full training will take around around 2-4 hours depending on the amount of additional reading you choose to do. You can do one part of the training and come back to the other sections, to work around your time, but please complete the full training within two weeks to keep previous sections fresh in your mind.

This training aims to:

our Education and Equality team

Andrea Bradley

Assistant Secretary Education and Equality

Andrea Bradley is EIS Assistant Secretary, Education and Equality. 

Formerly a Teacher and Principal Teacher of English, for the majority of her 20-year career in schools, Andrea was active within the EIS at branch and local levels. Equality and social justice principles guided her work as a teacher, PT and EIS rep. 

Now working with EIS national committees and networks of members, Andrea continues to work to promote equality and social justice within education for learners, teachers and lecturers, and within society more widely. 


Selma Augestad

National Officer

Selma is the National Officer, Equality at EIS. Her role involves supporting members to develop EIS work and policy on equality issues affecting teachers, students and pupils in Scotland. 

Anne Keenan

National Officer

Anne grew up in West Lothian, studied law at Glasgow University before working as a solicitor for twenty years. In 2007, she returned to university, completing her PGDE at the University of Edinburgh. 

Anne was a primary teacher for seven years, before being seconded to perform the role of Lead Officer in Child Protection for Education in West Lothian Council. In 2017, Anne joined the EIS to perform her current role and is the servicing officer for the EIS-FELA Executive Committees and the NJNC’s Staff Side Secretary. 

Anne has now moved to take up a new role in the EIS as National Officer (Education).

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