• The Holocaust – Learning Never to forget
    As part of our commitment to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, a member of the SEJ team accompanied a school group on a trip to Auschwitz in 2011. Featured below is a first-hand account of his experience and the history of the Holocaust.
  • Auschwitz – Preparation
    To help prepare pupils for what they will experience, the Holocaust Educational Trust runs an extensive preparation programme ahead of each visit.
  • The Journey to Auschwitz
    So it was that a very well prepared group – of Holocaust Educational Trust staff and volunteer educators, pupils, teachers and invited guests – mostly journalists – gathered at Edinburgh Airport in the very early hours of a late autumn morning.
  • Auschwitz I
    Auschwitz I was the first camp to open in 1940, and was primarily a concentration camp.
  • The Angel of Death
    We visit the hospital block, where the now infamous camp Doctor, Joseph Mengele, carried out horrific medical experiments on camp inmates.