Guidance and Policy

  • Mobilising for anti-racism at work
    The EIS has produced Anti-racist Leadership Learning Resource for EIS Equality Reps, Trade Union Reps, Local Association Secretaries and Branch Secretaries.
  • AGM Resolutions
    The processing of AGM resolutions is a large part of the work of the Committee, alongside responding to the many developments that arise in the course of the year.
  • Briefing: Holocaust Education
    This briefing paper aims to support EIS members in their provision of Holocaust Education, which the EIS believes should be embedded as a key feature of the Curriculum for Excellence, as one means of delivering the inclusive education system and society we wish to see.
  • Briefing: Anti-Racist Education
    The EIS has a commitment to high standards of education rooted in equality and inclusivity.
  • Challenging Anti-Muslim Prejudice
    In response to the increase in hostility and prejudice towards Islam and Muslims, it is more important than ever for staff and students within educational establishments to understand how to prevent and challenge prejudicial attitudes and behaviours towards Muslims, and people perceived as Muslim